ANTICO CONVENTO SAN FRANCESCO - Hotel Antico Convento San Francesco Bagnacavallo

The Ancient Convent San Francesco is today an adaptable tourist accommodation, and it is perfect for short and long stays, exhibitions and social events during summer time with performances, wine and music.
All of it right in the heart of the city center of Bagnacavallo, easily reachable by highway and well connected to the railway and cycle tourism roads.
The Ancient Convent San Francesco has 8 comfortable and renewed rooms and 11 multiple rooms with bunk beds, for a total sleeping accommodation for 80 guests. All rooms have private bathrooms.

Services available for guests: breakfast, bar, common usage space with free WiFi, bikes without any cost and possibility to buy local products of the Romagna territory, for a stay where you can enjoy and live the Convent as well as its calm and fascinating surroundings. Here tourism becomes an experience.

Antico Convento San Francesco is a place with large interiors and exteriors areas: its wonderful atmosphere is perfect for ceremonies, meetings, conferences, summer camps, live music and cultural and artistic events.

Rooms for meetings, workshops and exhibitions available, with the external portico area with platform and sitting places.

In the fine scenery of the Renaissance cloister, during summer there is the event “Quel che passa il Convento”: with events, wine and music.