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The path of mercy

From the Abbey of Pomposa (Adriatic coast) to the Eremo di Gamogna (upper Tuscan-Romagna Apennines) with a circular route passing by the art cities of Comacchio, Faenza and Bagnacavallo through territories rich in testimonies of faith, culture, art, natural and river parks as well as a welcoming community and food and wine excellence.

– The path of the VIAE MISERICORDIAE AD IESUM PER MARIAM is a pilgrimage of spiritual health of the soul, it promotes the educational and value growth of the person, a growth in the historical, literary and artistic knowledge of the Faenza territory and the development and promotion of the territory. –

The stop departing from Bagnacavallo to the municipality of Solarolo is a route that winds through the countryside of Lower Romagna.
The 20 km route is all flat, between the churches, various testimonies of the Second World War and the beautiful countryside full of orchards, vineyards and cereals.

Lenght: 245 km / 225 km

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