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Vitis 1753

In 1753, Linnaeus gave its scientific name to the plant commonly known as vine which is usually grown to obtain grapes and wine. Thanks to its geographic position, the territory of Emilia-Romagna boasts a long tradition in the cultivation of vines.

This is why we could not fail to dedicate a room to this plant, symbol of life and tree of the Gods.

Some of the furnishings in the room reveal the function they would once have had in the process of wine-making, as the guest can notice by looking at the wooden console table. Other objects, such as the wrought iron hanger fabricated in a vine branch shape, suggest a natural theme.

The bed, with its capitonné headboard made by a craftsman based in Forlì, dominates the wide room where the original chalk frames on the walls have been newly renovated.

The choice of wall paint, rigorously made with natural lime wash, is another hint to the natural motives and colours of our surrounding countryside while the tone of the room lightens up thanks to the contemporary design of the lamps.

« Nomina si nescis, perit et cognitio rerum. » Linneo
« If you don’t know the name of things, the knowledge of them is lost also » (Linnaeus)

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