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White Rose

“In form, then, of a luminous white rose / I saw the saintly soldiery that Christ, / with His own blood, took as His bride.”; (Dante Alighieri, Paradiso, Canto XXXI, lines 1-3, translated by Robert and Jean Hollander)

A luminous white rose is the shape of what 14th century poet Dante imagined the place where holy souls reside in Paradise to look like. He conceives the place as a sort of amphitheater where pure souls are assembled on rose-shaped seats. Their garments are made of sheer light, symbol of divine bliss.

Here, among the multitude of the blessed, is also San Francesco (Saint Francis).

Literature aside, the rose flower can also be associated with our territory. In fact, roses and other flower plants often decorate the many secret private gardens of the town of Bagnacavallo and the immediate surrounding countryside.

The cosy ambience of this room is created by the yellow and rose pink shades of colour blending along the sinuous curves of the walls and ceiling…waking up, you will find yourself snuggled up in a nest, in a rosebud.

The bed itself becomes part of the room architecture thanks to its shape, evoking that of a cradle which gently follows the curve of the wall. On the ceiling, a branch of warm amber light decorates and lights up the room.

Both objects have been commissioned to and carefully made by local craftsmen. The walls have been painted in a tea rose tint, using entirely natural lime wash.

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