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The hotel offers accommodation in its 8 beautifully refurbished comfort rooms and its 11 shared rooms. All rooms include en suite bathroom, heating system, hair-drier, bed linen and towels.

  • White Rose

    The cosy ambience of this room is created by the yellow and rose pink shades of colour blending along the sinuous curves of the walls and ceiling…waking up, you will find yourself snuggled up in a nest, in a rosebud.

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  • Reeds And Rushes

    In this room, a wicker panel has been created using reedmace strips and framed into a natural wooden structure.

    The panel has been woven together by Onelia Sabbioni (a voluntary worker for the Ecomuseum of Marshland Civilization in Villanova di Bagnacavallo) while the wooden structure has been fabricated by a local craftsman. 

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  • Quince Tree

    Taking inspiration from the image of the apple garden, the airy outside scenery has become the central theme of this room.

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  • Sweet Fig Tree

    The room is dedicated to this noble plant: the colour of the walls, painted with entirely natural lime wash, evokes the violet fruits of our variety of tree. Our male caprifig tree produces unripe, inedible fruits, commonly known as “fico nero” (caprifig, literally “black fig”), as the plant is destined instead to the production of pollen.

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  • Lunaria

    An imaginary, floating world where you can touch, listen to and land on the moon.

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  • Vitis 1753

    Some of the furnishings in the room reveal the function they would once have had in the process of wine-making, as the guest can notice by looking at the wooden console table. 

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  • Ginkgo Biloba

    In this totally refurbished room, the minimalist style of the beds, furnishings and the oriental-style wooden and rice paper panel on the wall all contribute to create a peaceful and neat atmosphere.

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  • Healing Tree

    The atmosphere is completed by the large blue armchair from which the guest can enjoy the view of our horse-chestnut tree in the cloister.

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  • Shared Rooms

    The 11 wide and bright shared rooms are perfect for families and groups.

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