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In cities without Sea… I wonder who the audience is for people to regain its balance… maybe to the Moon… (Banana Yoshimoto)

(in English: honesty) is a spontaneous plant of our countryside. The Italian name (deriving from the word “moon”) refers to the shape and translucence of its seedpods which look like small moons shining in the twilight and evoking spatial, exotic landscapes.

The round form and pearly colour of the seedpods, suggesting their resemblance to small silver coins or water drops, boosted the imagination of the countryside inhabitants, who gave this plant evocative names such as “Medaglioni del Papa” (“Pope’s medals”), or “lacrime della Madonna” (“tears of the Virgin Mary”).

The atmosphere created in this room thanks to the high, vaulted ceiling and the furniture is that of an imaginary, floating world where you can touch, listen to and land on the moon.

The white lime wash on the walls emphasises the simple, essential style of the room and furniture and allows the play of the lights creating chromatic variations from neon blue to halogen yellow.

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