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Quince tree

According to mythological character Antheus the giant, Venus’s chariot was not only decorated with roses and myrtles but also with quinces.

In fact, this kind of pome fruit was known by the Greek as “chrysómelon”, the “golden apple”. Its name and features also inspired another myth, according to which Heracles once stole golden apples from the Gods’s sacred garden. The quince is therefore a sacred fruit and whoever eats it, as Heracles did, will reach immortality.

A luxuriant quince tree is part of our garden too and its broad crown can be gazed at from the room window.

Taking inspiration from the image of the apple garden, the airy outside scenery has become the central theme of this room. The street lanterns, the flower pot, the well, the tree-shaped hanger, the natural lime wash used for the walls all blend together to bring the outdoor atmosphere of the cloister inside the walls of the hotel and up to this room.

Wooden furnishings and repurposed objects add a playful and merry touch to the ever-changing landscape recreated in the room.

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