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Sweet Fig tree

"Vigna, nel mio cortil nereggia un fico L’albero sarto del gran padre Adamo: Io pranzo all’ombra de’ suoi rami e dico: — Vecchia Bologna, t’amo!"Olindo Guerrini

The cultivation of the fig tree is widespread in Emilia-Romagna as well as in the whole Mediterranean area. The ancient and sweet fruits of this plant can normally be savoured in the period between June and October, depending on the varieties of trees.

Here, in Via Cadorna, a majestic centuries-old fig tree shades one of the sides of the convent with its spreading crown.

The room is dedicated to this noble plant: the colour of the walls, painted with entirely natural lime wash, evokes the violet fruits of our variety of tree. Our male caprifig tree produces unripe, inedible fruits, commonly known as “fico nero” (caprifig, literally “black fig”), as the plant is destined instead to the production of pollen.

The repurposed pieces of furniture, such as the wall lamps and the armchairs, emphasize the classical atmosphere created by the original chalk frames, which master craftsmen fabricated directly on the walls. The furniture has been entirely made by our local craftsmen using natural materials, such as wood and wrought iron.

So for us as in antiquity, the fig tree is a sacred tree and a good omen of a prosper and happy future.

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