HEALING TREE ROOM - Hotel Antico Convento San Francesco Bagnacavallo


The horse-chestnut tree is the largest tree in our 18th century cloister. Its stay here started long ago, much before the place became a hotel.

Quiet and luxuriant, its crown is adorned with white flowers in spring and covered with a dark green veil in summer. Its fruits, the conkers, appear in autumn and paint the tree in a rusty yellow

shade. The name of this species derives from the Greek words ἵππος, hippos, horse, and castanon, chestnut as the conkers would be used in the past as stimulants for horses. Moreover, this tree was known for its anti-inflammatory properties and even its bark was used to help reduce fever.

According to the local folklore, it was therefore good practice to carry along a “castagna matta o d’India” (literally a “mad conker” or an “Indian conker”) as an amulet against colds.

The pigmented painting of the Healing tree room brings to mind dusky brown trunks and lead grey skies as the light filters through the window. The atmosphere is completed by the large blue

armchair from which the guest can enjoy the view of our horse-chestnut tree in the cloister.

The hand-made furnishings, made of wood and iron, play with the themes of nature and cavalry: the headboard becomes a wood and, on one of the walls, a flock of horseshoes flies up towards the light on the ceiling. Small vintage details evoke the flow of time and history.

Keep me…and take me along.